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Whether you are a blockchain expert or a beginner, there is a BlockFellows fellowship programme suitable for you.

Current cycle started on 18/06/2018 

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4 different fellowship programmes. Each for a different crowd.

Whether you are an expert or complete beginner, there's a suitable programme and community for you here. 

The recommended time commitment for each fellowship is 10-15 hours per week.

For anyone who wants to dive dive into blockchain and be able to say they understand the technology well:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the blockchain field, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum 
  • Exposure to topics like game theory, network attacks, crypto-economics
  • Explore the latest progress in proof of stake, zero-knowledge proofs, alternative consensus, scaling and anonymity
  • Learn how to code in Solidity, Ethereum's Smart Contract development language. 

Hands-on experience towards establishing your expertise

Those in the research tracks will create State-of-Knowledge blogposts and publish papers in various topics. 

The programming track will have you attempt multiple dev challenges along the way before a final capstone project.

We are committed to making sure you can leave your mark in the progress of the blockchain industry, regardless of whichever fellowship you take.

We use carefully curated materials from the latest open-sourced UC Berkeley blockchain courses, complemented with the best material available out there. 

Maximise your learning effectiveness by getting all your questions answered quickly by the global support network of fellows and mentors. 

See what your peers are asking which you might have forgot to ask.

Learn using top university material, with expert mentors and a global support community

Weekly AMAs with the world's best blockchain programmers and researchers

We invite world-class experts for you to interact with weekly to learn best practices.

They include core devs of the leading blockchain protocols, CTOs of well-known ICOs and influential cryptoeconomists.

Pre-requisites: Computer science and programming background required, and preferably good experience with Javascript

Level up to be an expert blockchain developer in 15 weeks, with: 

  • Biweekly dev challenges to hone your understanding
  • Deep dive into Truffle, Smart contract security and testing, protocol development, Web3.js, Oracles, runtime compilation, the Ethereum Virtual Machine and even zk-SNARKs
  • Demonstrate your expertise through a capstone project.

Pre-requisite: Strong Computer Science background 

This self-directed fellowship allows you to:

  • Deep dive into major open questions in blockchain research across topics like privacy, decentralisation, scaling, security, and post-quantum cryptography
  • Contribute to a State-of-Knowledge blogposts for each week's topic together with the other fellows
  • Publish a position paper by the end of the 10-week fellowship

Advanced Blockchain Research Fellowship 
(limited to 20 fellows per cycle, selected based on merit)

  • Self-directed deep dive with your peers into a major cryptoeconomics topic each week like game theory,mechanism design, consensus, network effects, governance, cryptoeconomic security, token engineering, state channels
  • Write a cryptoeconomics analysis blogpost related the topic each week
  • Publish a cryptoeconomics paper by the end of the 10 week fellowship.

Interested to start a BlockFellows Hub in your city?

BlockFellows Hub curators are thought leaders in their city with at least some software engineering or computer science experience. 2-3 co-curators are nominated in each city, with at least 1 curator with technical blockchain experience.



Advanced Cryptoeconomics Research Fellowship 
(limited to 20 fellows per cycle, selected based on merit)

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Fundamental Blockchain Concepts and Programming

Advanced Blockchain Programming Fellowship 
(limited to 300 fellows per cycle, selected based on merit)

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